Tuesday 14 June 2011

Suffolk – Minsmere – 11th June 2011

Watch out for: Breading; Gulls, Avocets, Terns & Warblers

Such is their quantity, the sound of the Gulls and Terns on the scrape and levels can be hear from quite a distance as you walk down from the visitors centre.

In summer we always head for the hides on the coast first, to be greeted with Bearded Tits, Sedge & Reed Warblers from the path down, Common Terns returning from fishing trip just off the shore line and Black-headed Gull still bringing nesting material.  Once in the hide there is evidence of breeding Avocets, Barnacle Geese, Gulls & Ducks.  Waders are in short supply (only the Avocets & Black-tailed Godwits, when we were there), but also get great views of 3 Spoonbills and an escaped Flamingo!

We move along the coastal scrub, good evidence of a successful season for Whitethroat with numerous juvenile birds around.  Swallows dart in and out of the Sluice.

From the south hides we find several Mediterranean Gulls amongst the sitting Black-headed and there is a Hobby hunting over the read bed to the south.  Several Cetti’s Warblers are singing and we catch a good view of at least one.

East Anglia Year Count: 145
Life bird count: 403. Year bird count: 210. Month bird count: 77.
Photos: Whitethroat (Sylvia communis)

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